Hi! I'm Sara and I am so grateful you're here. 

I love flowers, like...a lot! What started as a weekly shop for kitchen-table blooms has morphed into a passion for learning about and growing a cut flower garden in my Toronto backyard. Planning what to grow is how the darker winter days are made brighter, and taking care of the garden make the warmer months all the more enjoyable. Getting to enjoy the flowers the garden produces gives me endless joy! 

But what does one do with daily handfuls of fresh cut blooms? I share them, sure. And I always have bouquets throughout my house. I might even set up a little street stand if the garden allows this summer and share them more widely. But I also press them. 

Pressing flowers has become a meditative must-do. Using the flowers as an art medium seemed like a great idea to me. I sell the original pieces here and hope they convey the modern-day spin on a centuries-old art form that I'm trying to achieve. I also sell prints of the originals and some household items (tea towels and totes, mostly). 

My favourite thing to do is create custom pieces for others using flowers that are special to them. Flowers are such a personal touch for any occasion and I love to help keep those memories alive for years to come. Bonus - pressed flowers are beautiful and there's no better way to see the incredible detail in each petal and stem than when they're pressed. 

Mostly I am just thrilled that you stopped by. Creating this space means I am doing something that I really love - and I'm so happy to share it with you!