Custom Floral Preservation

Special Occasion Bouquets and Floral Arrangements

Getting married? Why toss the bouquet (a second time) after the big day? Wedding florals are a huge part of the wedding budget. By entrusting us to press them, you can enjoy them for years to come instead of throwing them directly in the bin. 

We offer several framing options and sizes depending on what you're looking for. Our favourite designs are deconstructed bouquets, similar in style to our original pieces. We are happy to discuss traditional bouquet formats if that's your preference, however. You get to be the boss here!   

Other occasions worth preserving

-Memorial Flowers


-New Baby

-Prom (because we're nostalgic over here)

Please note that we can only offer bouquet preservation to Canadian customers (pesky customs laws) who are able to deliver their flowers to us within 24-48 hours of the event. They can be mailed or delivered to our studio in Toronto. Much beyond the 2 day mark and the flowers start to wilt and don't press well after that. The fresher the flowers, the better they press. 

Unfortunately, not every flower presses well 

While the look of an all-white bouquet is lovely, the truth is that white flowers often brown in the press. We can't accept all white florals as we know we won't be able to give you a piece you'll love. 

Pricing varies by size of bouquet, art size and framing. Please reach out and we can provide a quote. 

Commissions of Special Blooms

Perhaps you're interested in a special gift? Maybe Grandma would love a piece featuring the birth month flowers of all her grand-babies? Maybe you want to recreate your wedding bouquet? Maybe you would like to capture a year in your garden? We are happy to discuss any of these options and figure out a plan that works with your preferences and budget. 

We aren't limited to geographical restrictions with custom commissions as we source and dry the flowers locally. We have some amazing flower resources in Toronto so finding even the rarest variety is usually possible. 

Pricing varies depending on flowers variety, art size and framing. We can provide a  quote once we've discussed what you're looking for. Same rule about the all white flowers apply to these also, we're afraid.