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Welcome to Studio Fresh Press. I'm REALLY late to the blogger game, but I finally feel like I have lots to talk about so thank you so much for stopping in!

I have always loved a garden, from the time I was a child picking my grandmother's chives, to growing plants on apartment window sills, and finally having a garden of my own, I'm most happy when I'm around plants. But big things have been happening to my gardening game these last few years, and I think I am starting to understand a thing or two about what happens out there under the soil. Of course I still think it's mostly magic, but maybe there's some hidden rhythm to the magic that I'm starting to understand. 

I'm welcoming you here, to my small slice of the internet, in the hopes that you will join me as I continue to learn about plants - both living and dead - as this is a place for both. Growing flowers is how I choose to spend any free time I have, but so is preserving them to enjoy forever.

Pressing flowers started as a casual hobby that has grown over the last year. While I used to look at flowers and think 'oh, how pretty', I now look at flowers and questions how I think they will stand up to the press. It's become a bit of an obsession, if I'm being honest. I now have quite an obscene collection of pressed plants that I have been using in art prints. I love rooting through all my flowers to find the perfect one to add to a composition. It's colourful, it's creative, it's relaxing, it's a perfect way to spend time, in my humble opinion. 

For anyone who loves flowers and gardens I hope you'll check in here regularly. I'm looking forward to sharing some recent pressings as well as how I plan to get ready for the upcoming gardening season. It's time to start getting ready. 

Signing off for now from sunny Toronto (ha!), zone 6b. 



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